Archery is really easy. How to make a bow yourself is also a slightly curved stick and a piece of rope and you have a primitive bow from which you can shoot a sharpened flat stick. And really nothing complicated. But we are no longer primitive people and not guys from the next house. We are free to buy a high-tech bow that will turn shooting into an art. However, it is more difficult to shoot from it than from a bent branch. Therefore, it is necessary to treat the modern bow responsibly and adhere to basic safety measures.

What is Dry Firing a Bow?

Let me tell you about Dry Firing. This is when you pulled the bowstring and without the arrow, and then released the bowstring. In short, it is an imitation of shooting without an arrow. But modern bows are designed to provide a powerful impetus with less force than in simple bows. So, the mechanism transmits energy to a properly weighed arrow. And when the bowstring does not receive the minimum required load, it transmits the energy impulse directly to the body of the bow, which leads to its damage. Or injury to the user or others.

What Parts of Bow Could Be Affected?

So we found that the bowstring of a mechanical bow, which works without an arrow, hits the body of the bow. But in fact, such treatment of such weapons can damage a number of parts:

– The Wheel;

– The String;

– The Limbs;

– The Clips and the Fasteners;

– The Cable Guard.

The structure of the mechanical bow is designed in such a way that each part transmits a pulse to another within the allowable load norms. Such a system perceives the arrow as its own component. Therefore, the activation of the mechanics of modern bows without the use of an arrow leads to a natural failure. And this leads to damage and destruction of both components and the whole mechanism.

How does Dry Fire Happen?

Given the above, let’s explain once again the difference between ordinary archery and dry.

Under normal conditions of using a mechanical bow, the user pulls the bowstring back, which allows the bowstring to stretch and store the energy provided. When the bowstring is released, the acquired energy is transferred to the arrow, pushing it forward, in the direction of the shot. Thus, it turns out that almost the entire pulse is absorbed by the arrow and the bowstring returns to its original position much weakened. The end of this process is accompanied by vibration.

When archery is a dry the total energy of the stretched string does not have the necessary relief and when returning to the starting position transmits the pulse directly to the body, which is not designed for such loads.

Can a Good Brand Bow Withstand Dry Firing?

Now that we know that dry shooting can damage the bow, it is worth understanding that the more powerful the mechanism, the greater the damage. Because the impulse from the string will have a significant gain and will be transmitted to the body which is not ready for victorious loads. It is logical to assume that the use of lighter arrows is also dangerous. Because they will absorb a small part of the energy of the bowstring, which will destroy the body when returning to its original position.

Yes, simple bows can withstand the power of dry shooting. But they also shoot weaker. And they don’t look as cool as mechanical ones. Therefore it is necessary to be morally adjusted to the fact that it is necessary to use a modern bow considering its power. After all, the bowstring will straighten with more effort than was applied to it by the user.

Even quite expensive bows are not without the risk of destruction in the event of a dry shot.

Moreover, the manufacturer’s warranty does not cover damage to the product from dry firing. It is better not to forget about it. The user, choosing a weapon, prepares in advance for its use. It is necessary to study the main characteristics and features of the product. Sales consultants, review articles or just videos from the Web will always help.

However, there are still more high-tech models of bows that can at least partially withstand the sharp load of dry shooting.

What to Do if You Dry Fire Your Bow

First, it is better not to allow this at all. Truly. But situations are different, so everyone can be wrong.

But if the bowstring still slammed into the body, you should just check it for cracks and other damage that can cause the destruction of the bow.

Let’s try to outline the basic scheme of inspection of a mechanical bow after dry shooting:

1. Check the wheels. Yes, giving them an unexpected impulse can cause them to crack or deform.

2. Take a magnifying glass and a flashlight to check if there are any splinters or cracks around the cam axles.

3. Check the bow if there are any still cracks with a cotton ball or something.

4. Check the pulleys and Cams slot for an any cracks.

5. Check the string. It is a very important too.

6. Test the clips and fasteners if they are still held tight.

7. Check the cable guard. Find out if it`s still in a correct position and if it can still take an effective shot.

So, after such a surface check, you just need to shoot an arrow that fits this model of bow. If there are no visible cracks and extraneous sounds, then everything is fine, the bow survived. And you just have to be more careful.

Dry archery is dangerous for the mechanism and for the user and others. But it is very easy to prevent it.