The using of the bow is still a form of art. The human body adapts to these weapon depending on the shooting conditions or the task at hand. It’s only in the movie the hero simply pulls off the bowstring and hits an arrow in the apple on the head of a friend. In fact, the right technique when using this type of weapon decides the good result. And there are many technicians. The main principles in their differences are the position of the archer in a certain comfortable position, the feature of holding the bow, aiming and launching the arrow.

Let’s look at a technique like string walking.

String Walking

The simplest explanation for this technique is that the archer uses an arrowhead as a sight. The bow user can slide his hand along the bowstring at a fixed distance below the arrowhead. The distance between the arrow nock and the archer’s fingers is usually called the “crawl” or the serving.

That allows the user to estimate the distance between the aim and his own eyes.

Crawl distance is wider if the archer is going to shoot a short range, while crawl distance is shorter if the distance he is aiming for is a little farther.

How to Do String Walking

There is always a need to choose the right arrow when using a bow. Because the obstacle will not fly, and will vibrate too lightly during the flight.

A big advantage for this technique is a good sighting. It needs to measure a distances. And a broad tuning of the arrow it needs too.

And when the archer still took a position, he can move his fingers in different positions by adjusting the load of the bow limb. While the arrows are at a shorter distance.

When using this technique of archery, the spine range should be in the middle. Because it varies from different position.

Variations of String Walking

Each technique can have different methods. That is, the general set of actions aimed at performing certain techniques has its options.

One such technique is count strings on the archer’s serving. To do this, it is best to use a monofilament, which will mark the center of the bowstring. So with raising the arrow above this center, you can adjust the accuracy of the shot.

With a simple tool, finger tabs, it is possible to slide the arrow quite productively. For example, the Black Widow allows a T-Square effect when the archer takes its own position.

String Walking vs Gap Shooting

In contrast to the technique of walking on the strings of the bow is a gap shooting. That is, if the gaps are placed below the aim.

Simply, aimed archery at a stationary target is possible with at least two popular techniques. Their main difference is that when walking on the string of the bow, the arrow moves along the bowstring, and when gap shooting changes the position of the arrowhead. So, if the distance to the target is known, then adjusting the position of the arrow in the stretched bow can be quite effective in firing at the target. However, such techniques are constructive only in the case of sport shooting at targets, because in conditions of hunting and constant movement of animals or birds, the archer’s brain is faced with the problem of quickly determining the distance to the object.

String Walking’s Downside

So, accurate archery in comfortable conditions and from a known distance allows you to develop the archer’s technical ability to properly adjust the position of the arrow in accordance with the change in distance. Constant training leads to reliable and effective results. But, again, hunting with such techniques is extremely difficult. Because, first of all, it is slow. And when a live target is moving, the aiming process must be started again. Also in the shadows and in low light levels, there are no signs to aim. The arrows must be adjusted to a certain distance, because when moving the arrow along the string, the balance of the load on the shoulders of the bow is disturbed. During a shooting the shoulders work unevenly and distribute the load on the arrow also unevenly. And the target of prey may be behind a natural obstacle, which will significantly affect the determination of the distance.

Mankind is evolving through daily learning and cognition. Therefore, an own weapon must be thoroughly considered, tested and studied. The same with the use of different techniques. It is worth trying something new and improving what has been tested.