Hunting has long since evolved from a means of survival into an affordable and convenient hobby. Everyone has the opportunity to choose the place, time and game. And the modern market of the weapon, devices, equipment, clothes and footwear helps to adjust conditions of hunting under itself, instead of on the contrary.

In addition, hunting in modern conditions still has useful properties for regulating animal populations and preserving crops in the fields. In this way wild pigs can completely destroy a fairly large field in a couple of days. Therefore, hunting them is quite legal and even useful. But keep in mind that they are nocturnal animals. Therefore, it is most effective to go hunting after sunset. An important guarantee of successful hunting is proper training.

Let’s talk about night hunting of wild boars with a bow.

Night Hunting for Hogs is Not Limited by the Sun Going Down

Modern realities of life allow the free use of technological achievements of mankind for highly effective observation, tracking and hunting of game. Installed cameras with motion sensors and properly selected lighting will indicate the time and place of appearance of wild boars, their eating habits and ways of movement. An ancient hunter lives in each person. And when the situation requires it, this hunter wakes up and begins to act. So if hunting requires not sleeping at night for prey, the body uses its resources and performs the task. Successful observation, placement of feeders and drinkers, cameras and lanterns will give a clear and maximum result.

You can also use night vision devices, thermal imagers, electronic sights with these functions, as well as rangefinders and the ability to record video. So you can approach hunting quite creatively and technologically. The quietness of the bow allows you to approach the game at a fairly close distance. Therefore, even inexpensive night vision devices will help to aim extremely accurately and perform the task most effectively.

Pressured Hogs Will Go Nocturnal

At first, the hunter is always just watching. Then analyzes the results and draws the right conclusions from that. And then arranges the game on your own field. Human is a highest creature who is able to influence nature at will. Therefore, the territory of wild pigs can be adjusted to the needs of the hunter. Installed bait attracts prey. Installed cameras and lanterns with light filters allow you to clearly see the prey and calculate future behavior. The hunter can install the lantern needed to solve the problem directly on his bow. This will allow you to maneuver more freely.

Nocturnal Hogs are Hungry Hogs

Proper preparation is the key to a successful mission. First of all, you need to get acquainted with the habits of prey. In the case of feral pigs, be aware that they wait for daylight to feed during daylight hours. The weight of these animals is quite large, so they have to eat a lot. Given the herd of these animals, it is possible to understand their desire to destroy farm fields at such a rapid pace. When the sun touches the horizon, they rush to the sniffed baits, losing attention and caution. They dream in places of concentration of food, trying to get full as quickly as possible and not noticing anything around. That is why it will not be easy to aim, but the target is large and stumbles around the feeder.

Year-round Hunting

Wild boars are not seasonal animals. They do not hibernate or migrate on a long distances. But it is logical to assume that the best time to catch them is the spring months, when after the forced winter starvation and lack of available food in the fields appear young and succulent vegetation. Huge hungry animals rush to the farm and interrupt them without understanding the paths and circumstances. This uncontrolled invasion can and must be stopped. Otherwise, all the exhausting work of farmers and their hopes will be in vain. Yes, they often even pay money to experienced hunters to solve this significant problem quickly and efficiently.

As we wrote earlier, wild pigs have a restrained diet in winter. Therefore, they can also be easily lured to the feeders. And in winter you can see traces.

In summer, hunting at night is a pleasure. But unfortunately, meat is harder to store. So just keep that in mind and carry cooler bags, ice or something.

The meat of these animals is very tasty and very useful. In addition, it is environmentally friendly, nutritious and has a very interesting taste due to the nutrition of these animals. And because of its low cholesterol and low calorie content, wild boar meat is considered dietary. It contains vitamins E, B and antioxidants that regulate blood sugar.

So, hunting wild boar is interesting, useful and quite simple. And the use of bow for this process makes it even more exciting.