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Here's a few FAQ's to help you with your Kentucky hunting guide search.  If
you have any other questions or comments, please do not hesitate to give us
a call, E-mail, or fill out our Info Request form.
Is this a fair chase hunt?  Absolutely, there are NO high fences.

What is your success rate?  We had a 65% success rate in 2008. That did not include
does that were harvested.

What kind of stands do you have?  We have over 150 stands, including lock-on,
ladder, and tripods.  Our bow hunting stands are primarily lock-on type stands.  We
will use commercial ladder stands or pop-up blinds.  Our firearms area uses the
same types of stands.

How high are your tree stands?  We like to keep our stands 18 to 25 feet.
Sometimes cover and wind conditions may require us to hunt higher or lower.

Do you have lodging for couples?  Lodging is available for men, women,
couples, and groups.

What do I need to bring?  You only need to bring your bow, gun or muzzleloader, clothing, and personal items you many
need.  Also highly recommended are a flashlight with extra batteries, blaze orange for gun hunts, safety harness, camp
shoes, and of course...a cooler for your harvested meat.).

When should I arrive?  We encourage you to arrive around 2pm the day before you hunt so we can introduce you to your
lodging and have your evening meal.

What will my daily schedule be?  We would like to get you breakfast and have you in a prime area before the sun comes
up on the start of your first day.  Depending on where you are hunting, and also your preference, we will have a packed
lunch in the field, or return to the main lodge for lunch.  After the evening hunt you will return for a home cooked meal.

How long have you been in business?  Hunt West Kentucky Outfitters (also known as Bowhunt West Kentucky Outfitters),
which is owned by Mark Smith who has been hunting and fishing since early childhood, has been in business for 11 years.

How many deer will I see on an average day's hunt?  On a typical day you might see 1 to 7 deer.  Hunters have seen as
high as 30 in a day.  However, it is hunting and there will be times when deer simply are not moving.

Why should I choose to hunt deer in Kentucky?  That is easy...
  • Kentucky ranked #2 in the nation per sq. mile for Boone & Crockett bucks.
  • Kentucky ranked #7 in the nation for Boone & Crockett’s per state, 279 total and ranked in the top 5 in recent years.
  • Kentucky allows only one buck per licensed hunter per year.
  • Kentucky gun season is only 16 days per year allowing for a more mature deer herd.

Is there a trophy fee?  No, we hope you kill the buck of your dreams!

What size deer can I expect to see?  We have many deer on our property that are 3 1/2 years of age and older.  Those
bucks will range in size from 120 class to well over 180 inches.  Our 2 1/2 year old bucks will score 90 to 125 on an average

What are my chances of shooting a P&Y buck?  Although impossible to answer there are many bucks on our property that
will score high in the P&Y category.  Your success however is based on your hunting skills.  Some hunters lack the ability or
desire to take care of their scent, make a quiet entry to their stand, and sit still for long periods of time.  These factors
greatly decrease your odds and our shot opportunity percentage.

Why should I choose to Hunt West Kentucky?  Today there are many choices for hunters looking to expand their season
or increase their odd of shooting mature bucks.  Let's look at some facts:  We are guides who are veteran bow hunters who
are dedicated to making your hunt the best possible. We can't guarantee you will kill the buck of your dreams, but I promise
our property holds some of the best bucks anywhere and we will try our best to get you up close and personal with them.

Which hunt would you consider the best hunt?  First remember that we are die hard bow hunters, so keep that in mind.  I
like the early hunt for the simple fact that it is always great to get in the woods early.  Although the weather can be hot,
when you see bucks you usually see several of them.  That is just plain exciting.  Having said that, there is no doubt that the
best time to hunt mature whitetail anywhere in the world is the rut.  Although there are many phases of the rut, no single
time from Late October to Mid November seem to be better that the other for mature deer movement.  The absolute key
factor here is the weather.  If the weather is cold, you will see good bucks.  Once our deer get their winter coats they will
restrict daylight movement in warm weather.  It varies from year to year.  Every week is good when the temps are where we
need them to be.  Our last hunt is just as good as the first one if the weather is cooperative.  If you decide to hunt the rut,
pick the phase of the rut you prefer to hunt and hope for good weather.

Why the NO SMOKING IN TREE policy?  We allow smoking in a designated area outside the camp.  The reason is very
simple.  We work extremely hard to scout and locate prime tree stand locations.  We expect our clients to treat these stand
locations as if they were the only place they could hunt all year.  Again this year we had clients who not only smoked in their
scent-loc suits but actually smoked in our tree stands.  Smokers do not realize how much odor they produce. If we find you
have been smoking in a tree, your hunt will be terminated.  Again we are sorry for any inconvenience.

How do I book a hunt?  Call us at (270) 527-8275 or E-mail us.  You can also fill out our Request Hunting Info form.


We will do our best to give you a quality hunting experience.  Please remember that we are not selling you a deer.  We
cannot be responsible for bad weather, slow deer movement, moon cycles or lack of hunting skills.  Keep this in mind when
booking a hunt.  If you are the type of hunter who hunts a couple of hours in the morning and evening, do not expect to be
successful here.  Our deer often move through the middle of the day and to be successful our hunters need to be willing to
give exceptional effort.  Please remember that when hunting mature white tails, it takes only one mistake to eliminate your
chance at a trophy deer.  He will avoid you and you will never know he was even there.  Mature bucks do not dumb their way
through the woods.  Even during the rut, mature bucks make few if any mistakes, each step they make is careful and always
to their advantage.  Make sure you make an effort to eliminate as many negative factors as you can before you arrive.  We
want you to be successful and will try to do everything we can to make this happen.  If you want to hunt with friendly,
knowledgeable, honest and hardworking guides, on well managed property for big Kentucky bucks, then give us
a call at 270-527-8275.
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Request Kentucky Hunting Information
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